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Connect Canada is a national internship program that links Canadian companies with graduate students and post-doctoral fellows for research placements. Regardless of the sector or the location, Connect Canada interns will apply the latest in research methods and know-how to the most pressing industrial R&D issues. Companies receive a cost-effective way to conduct R&D, while interns gain relevant industry experience that enhances their graduate studies.

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Program Overview

Connect Canada is helping to increase the amount of research and development in Canada. The program matches graduate students and post-doctoral fellows with private-sector host companies (industry partner) for research internships. The interns work on research projects jointly developed by their academic supervisor and the industry partner.

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How Does It Work?

Internships can begin in two ways:

Industry Driven: Companies with specific R&D issues can create an internship opportunity by identifying the type of research to be undertaken and the particular skill sets and/or academic background required by the intern.
Professor or Graduate-Student Driven: A graduate student or post-doctoral fellow can submit a research proposal identifying a potential or specific industry partner.

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Mar 5 , 2019

Role of Intern

Interns are expected to work closely with both their academic supervisor and the…

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Mar 5 , 2019

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible interns are full-time graduate students enrolled in, or postdoctoral fellows working in,…

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Mar 5 , 2019

Why Participate?

Now more than ever, Canadian companies must innovate to compete in the global…

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