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Errors and Omissions Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

What is errors and omissions insurance?

Errors and omissions insurance covers the liability of businesses that provide professional services. Such errors are most likely to cause financial harm to the involved parties. An error and omission is a mistake committed by experts within their field of operation and can occur within most professions. When an expert who has taken up errors and omissions insurance Canada offers is in the wrong, they are protected against bearing the full weight of their mistake.


Errors and omissions insurance can also be referred to as:

  • E & O
  • Errors Omissions
  • E & O insurance
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Malpractice (for medical and legal professionals)


What does E & O cover?

All errors and omission insurance policies are exclusive therefore each of them has exclusive coverage depending on the party involved. However, all policies are designed to assist the accused to cater for defense costs as well as the damage penalty as a result of the error. Even the best professionals can be charged of such mistakes. Defense costs are the bulk of the coverage. It is common to find the professional spending thousands of dollars in defense only to get acquitted.

A professional liability claim must prove the negligence of the expert either by failing to perform as required or failing to perform at all. However, errors and omission insurance does not cover illegal, fraudulent and intentional activities. Most also have a limit to how much they can cover for a particular account. Therefore, talk to your insurance provider for a tailor made cover.


How much does E & O cost?

The insurance premiums are based on several factors such as:

  • Type of policy
  • The kind of professional services one offers
  • The annual revenues of the expert
  • Claims history
  • Number of professionals in the company

When shopping for a policy, do not consider price only. You might find a cheap policy that excludes some of the core services you offer. In such a case, the plan is rendered useless. A well-structured policy will provide protection to your company at competitive prices.


Why should you purchase E & O insurance?

At times, lawsuits may not be about negligence but rather allegations of neglect. Our government is litigious in that anybody can face the law. The terrible part is that not everybody is genuine thus you might be accused of error you have not committed. While defending your company against genuine and false allegations, you might suffer hefty losses regarding the loss of productivity or legal charges.

Errors and omission insurance offers you the chance to protect your company before these events occur. Therefore, you can transfer part of the financial risks of unpredicted legal costs. Thus, you have reduced economic implications.




The Basics About Gas Volume Corrector







Measurement of natural gas has been motivated by the industrial need to produce volume corrections and producing more accurate instruments. Volume correction involves taking the uncorrected volume of a gas meter and turning it into corrected volumes basing on the effects of pressure and temperature. Gas meters have evolved considerably to the modern state to be able to correctly determine volume, temperature, and pressure. Regardless, all gas correctors base their accuracies on principles of gas laws and influence of the laws to the general flow of the gas.


What is a gas volume corrector?

A gas volume corrector serves to do all the gas related calculations, summations and determines increments of gas volume. The measurement is done by a gas meter when operating in base conditions. As a result, gas volume correctors are used widely in wholesale gas trades.

There are two classes of gas volume correctors; Type 1 is a battery powered class of correctors which has specific transducers that determine temperature and pressure or temperature only while Type 2 is a mains powered corrector which converts separate groups of transmitters using external temperature and pressure or temperature only. The calculation is for a separate calculator separately approved.


What is the working principle of a gas volume corrector?

When a fluid flows in a pipe, its pressure is distributed uniformly from the point of origin to the other extreme end. Since the cross-sectional area, volume and pressure are reliant on each other, mechanical and electronic gas volume correctors work much the same way. Sensors in the corrector use the volume parameters to ensure that the total volume of gas is maintained as it flows between different regions in the vessel with little variations.


What are the advantages of electronic gas volume correctors over the mechanical ones?

Other than having a higher degree of accuracy, electronic gas volume correctors are really easy to operate. A lot of electronic correctors come with external communication modules or internal modems. Better yet, some electronic correctors can be easily operated using on-the-spot user software or internet browsers. Another thing is flexibility. You can program the electronic correctors with constants, parameters and limit values on your own.


What role does gas volume corrector play?

The gas volume corrector systems are essential in managing the flow correction basing on temperature and pressure. Through the correction process, the corrector systems minimize gas loss and wastage by ensuring efficient gas distribution.

Benefits of Connect Canada

For a small investment, companies can leverage their research dollars and in house capabilities and gain access to a dedicated graduate intern who is guided by their academic supervisor.
Connect Canada’s business model allows for a quick turn around on applications, and is flexible and responsive in developing internships that meet industry needs.

Connect Canada helps partner university professors and interns with relevant, industry-led placements focussing on research and development.
Interns gain relevant industry experience through Connect Canada by working on advanced research and development projects that can enhance their graduate studies.
Connect Canada is building lasting connections between the research and private sectors that will enhance Canada’s ability to engage in advanced R&D for years to come.

General Program Information

Program Overview  

Connect Canada is helping to increase the amount of research and development in Canada. The program matches graduate students and post-doctoral fellows with private-sector host companies (industry partner) for research internships. The interns work on research projects jointly developed by their academic supervisor and the industry partner.

Internships are four to six month placements, with at least 50 per cent of the intern’s time spent at the industry partner’s facilities. The value of the total internship stipend is $10,000, funded equally between the industry partner and Connect Canada. Connect Canada funding is stackable, allowing industry partners and academic researchers to leverage other sources of funding.

Connect Canada takes no ownership of intellectual property generated through a placement. Intellectual property agreements are to be determined by the terms of the intern’s home university, unless a separate agreement is negotiated between the university, the researchers and the sponsoring company.

How Does It Work?

Internships can begin in two ways:

Industry Driven: Companies with specific R&D issues can create an internship opportunity by identifying the type of research to be undertaken and the particular skill sets and/or academic background required by the intern.
Professor or Graduate-Student Driven: A graduate student or post-doctoral fellow can submit a research proposal identifying a potential or specific industry partner.
Regardless of the project’s origin, the Connect Canada intern will be guided by their academic supervisor (university professor) during the entire length of placement.

Connect Canada is managed by AUTO21 Inc. and the University of Windsor. It is a federal Industrial Research and Development Internship Program, administered by the Networks of Centres of Excellence Secretariat.

Application and Review Process

Once a proposal is received, it is reviewed by an Internship Management Committee (IMC), which consists of industry representatives with technical, scientific or business backgrounds, and academic representatives with PhDs and research backgrounds. The IMC reviews the proposal based on      Excellence of the research
Relevance of the research to industry
Overall quality of the project
Impact of the research
Final decisions on the placement are determined by the Connect Canada CEO and Scientific Director, following a review of IMC recommendations.

The application and review process takes approximately six weeks from submission to the actual start date of an intern placement. Industry partner funds must be sent directly to Connect Canada upon approval of the internship proposal, prior to the start of the placement.

The Secret of Affordable Vehicle Insurance Plans for Students

You may think of consulting with a Barrie car insurance broker as a desperate means to getting a reasonably priced auto insurance plan, or you can also read and research on how you can get a better quality of coverage at an affordable price, but either way you look at it, it takes a few hints and tricks to be able to get the policy that is meant for you at a price that you also want. Below you can take the opportunity to look up some of the most useful ways to be able to get a policy that will give you the coverage that you have always wanted and at the same time one that you can still manage to pay for in the years to come.


Be Needs Specific

When it comes to your auto insurances it is a priority for you to have a particular set of standards to follow especially when it comes to the benefits and advantages that you will eventually get, in those times when you may need it the most. Going to your insurance provider and letting them know what you need exactly, will not only help them give you the insurance policy that you want, it will also help you cut out any unnecessary expenses for contract items that you do not really need.


Find a Trusted Provider

Your money is worth a lot and consulting with a provider that has been in the business for a considerable number of years and at the same time has managed to keep their clientele satisfied and contented with their services is definitely a positive sign for you to invest. Get the right research done and always double check for a provider that is high on the trustworthy scale and be certain to avoid some of the possible fly by night service providers that may give you affordable rates but will leave you with useless coverage in the long run.


Present Your Finances

These days it is not a surprise that some insurance providers can help you not only when it comes time for you to use your coverage, but also even as you go through the process of a well planned out payment scheme that works best for your current financial status. Be particular when consulting this particular detain with your service representative because this can definitely help you when it comes to providing you with the type of coverage that you specifically need for your vehicle, but it will also give you the added advantage of getting better rates, even added discounts or at best a much considerable payment scheme based on your budget.


More Can Be Cheaper

In that special case too when you have more than one vehicle or have other family members who own cars too, you may want to consider a clustered insurance scheme, as it can help to bargain out a much affordable price for your policy as a considerable amount of companies do extend a more affordable rate when policies are purchased at bulk. So take the time to look for others who are also looking into getting a much better deal with policy pricing and get them to purchase with you so you can all look forward to a much better policy price.


There are a lot of different ways to improve the discount and affordability of your selected insurance policy, all you really need is to look these up beforehand so you can maximize the best priced policy.