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The Basics About Gas Volume Corrector







Measurement of natural gas has been motivated by the industrial need to produce volume corrections and producing more accurate instruments. Volume correction involves taking the uncorrected volume of a gas meter and turning it into corrected volumes basing on the effects of pressure and temperature. Gas meters have evolved considerably to the modern state to be able to correctly determine volume, temperature, and pressure. Regardless, all gas correctors base their accuracies on principles of gas laws and influence of the laws to the general flow of the gas.


What is a gas volume corrector?

A gas volume corrector serves to do all the gas related calculations, summations and determines increments of gas volume. The measurement is done by a gas meter when operating in base conditions. As a result, gas volume correctors are used widely in wholesale gas trades.

There are two classes of gas volume correctors; Type 1 is a battery powered class of correctors which has specific transducers that determine temperature and pressure or temperature only while Type 2 is a mains powered corrector which converts separate groups of transmitters using external temperature and pressure or temperature only. The calculation is for a separate calculator separately approved.


What is the working principle of a gas volume corrector?

When a fluid flows in a pipe, its pressure is distributed uniformly from the point of origin to the other extreme end. Since the cross-sectional area, volume and pressure are reliant on each other, mechanical and electronic gas volume correctors work much the same way. Sensors in the corrector use the volume parameters to ensure that the total volume of gas is maintained as it flows between different regions in the vessel with little variations.


What are the advantages of electronic gas volume correctors over the mechanical ones?

Other than having a higher degree of accuracy, electronic gas volume correctors are really easy to operate. A lot of electronic correctors come with external communication modules or internal modems. Better yet, some electronic correctors can be easily operated using on-the-spot user software or internet browsers. Another thing is flexibility. You can program the electronic correctors with constants, parameters and limit values on your own.


What role does gas volume corrector play?

The gas volume corrector systems are essential in managing the flow correction basing on temperature and pressure. Through the correction process, the corrector systems minimize gas loss and wastage by ensuring efficient gas distribution.